Others About Srdjan

Roland Dyens

« Srdjan Grujicic’s new project is wonderful and sumptuous. Beautiful compositions and brilliant arrangements. The sound is warm and rounded, while the instrumentation is in perfect harmony with music which is anchored in the Balkan tradition and intelligently shaped by young Serbian composer and my former student at the Paris National Conservatory. Ecstatic flute, muffled and seductive percussions, moving cello and the extraordinarily sensitive guitar: it’s all there and that “all” sounds perfectly correct in every sense of the word. Bravo, Srdjan! I am proud of you! »

Roland Dyens
Guitariste et Compositeur
Professeur au Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris

Nemanja Radulovic

« I met Srdjan few years ago and I have discovered a complete artist who shares his classic or less classic creations and interpretations with wide audiences. And every time, without exceptions, it is an immense pleasure to listen to him. »

Thibault Cauvin

« It’s been ten years since I first met Srdjan in Serbia and heard his music. I have been following his path ever since, with great pleasure, and I listen to his music with great care and passion. His notes are sincere, beautiful, pure, seductive… I invite everyone to discover his world and to indulge themselves into this music at the crossroad of genres. Srdjan is a great artist and I am very pleased to know him. »

Dominique Field

« There are certain kinds of music that should naturally sound alien and distant to me, while at the same time they give me certain wonderful peace and the feeling of getting back to myself, to my home. This is probably what Felini meant when answering to a journalist’s question about the secret of the worldwide success of his films: “Be regional and you will be universal.”
Srdjan, your music and the way you make it is beautiful, good and makes one feel great. Thank you for breathing life into my guitars with your talent, your amazing talent! »

Dr. med. Ernst Schrott

« When I heard his music, the way he plays the songs on his guitar, I immediately felt their delightful healing influence, while the tender melodies were vibrating harmoniously in the Marmas.
His music touches your heart, it has the power of healing. It brings the listener into direct harmony with his innermost soul and awakens the eternal desire to unify with the ultimate, the source of love.
The songs on Srdjan’s new CD bring me deep joy, not only as a fellow guitar player who admires his skill and the way he plays, but also as a doctor who appreciates the healing influence of this music, which promotes health while reconnecting us to our silent transcendental Self. »

Dr. med. Ernst Schrott
Medical practitioner – Author - Lecturer
Vice President German Ayurveda Association
Director German Ayurveda Academy