Balkan’s Kronikeuls


Director : Sacha VUCINIC

Music : Srdjan GRUJICIC

« Yugoslavia for dummies ». That could be the title of this short film. How to explain something unexplainable? That’s what Sacha Vucinic tries to do in less than three minutes. The complicated situation in the Balkans and specifically in former Yugoslavia. This is the point of view of a young film director who studied and lived all his life in Paris, but was born in former Yugoslavia, in the city of Mostar, where lots of tragic events that occurred in his region take place. “Yugoslavia for dummies” is a short extract from his project named « Balkan’s Kronikeuls », a serie of documentaries presenting the young people of former Yugoslavia.

Production – Sacha Vucinic, Marc Antoine Bonniez
Montage – Gabriel Carrere, Arthur Vié
Sound design – Michaël Kornblum
Generic pixie – Jean Philippe Bouretz, Marc-Antoine Bonniez, Sacha Vucinic
Composer, Guitar – Srdjan Grujicic
Accordion – Ivica Bogdanic
Bass – Danijel Puhek
Design graphic – Milos Trkulja