I remember my mother would often sing traditional songs, quietly, to herself, and I, 4-5 years old boy, would listen to her with great attention, as if she had preached some of the most important life lessons.

Today, from this point of view, it is quite clear that such comparison perfectly fits the truth. Trough traditional melodies, by vibrations of the cords of her soul, naturally and spontaneously, like in whatever time and whatever part of our little round world, she, mother, carried and transferred the seal of centuries and generations, the genetics of all the people who lived and passed trough this vaste area of “ours”.

More than two decades latter, following directions I received in my childhood, I try to continue the ancient line with my art, and to add few more bricks to the Path, and maybe open the gate for new generations, for some curious child, through which they would enter new vast areas, known only to them.

Dr. med. Ernst Schrott

« When I heard his music, the way he plays the songs on his guitar, I immediately felt their delightful healing influence, while the tender melodies were vibrating harmoniously in the Marmas.
His music touches your heart, it has the power of healing. It brings the listener into direct harmony with his innermost soul and awakens the eternal desire to unify with the ultimate, the source of love.
The songs on Srdjan’s new CD bring me deep joy, not only as a fellow guitar player who admires his skill and the way he plays, but also as a doctor who appreciates the healing influence of this music, which promotes health while reconnecting us to our silent transcendental Self. »

Dr. med. Ernst Schrott